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While playing the Granny Unblocked game, you move your character using the “W, A, S, D” keys on computers. By clicking the “E” button, you can open and close the cabinet doors and doors. You can pick up objects on the ground or on the table and drop them back. With “Z” you bend and stand up. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you move your character around the house by dragging your finger on the circular control panel on the left side of the screen. You change your perspective by moving your finger over other areas. You bend down and stand up by clicking on the man picture in the upper left corner. When you approach the doors and cabinets, you open and close the doors by clicking the “E” button that appears on the screen.

You exercise and explore the horror house by using the PRACTICE menu on the landing page. There are 2 different difficulty levels: NORMAL and HARD. On normal difficulty, the ghost walks slowly. There are 10 clues in this level. On hard levels the ghost walks a little faster. You also need to open the doors by solving the passwords around. There are 6 clues in this level. In the NIGHTMARE option, you can play the granny game at midnight. In this option, you need to move very slowly and not make any noise. There are 3 clues in this level. In the EXTREME option, the ghost moves very fast. To avoid being caught by the ghost, you need to move quickly and reach the exit. There are no clues in this level.

You reach the exit door by clicking on the GUIDE button and following the steps the guide tells you. You also get tips by clicking the PAGE button. In this way, you can play the granny game by reaching the exit door in the easiest and fastest way.

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