Real Parkour Simulator

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Real Parkour Simulator
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While playing Real Parkour Simulator Unblocked, you move left and right and back and forth with “W, A, S, D” and arrow keys on computers. You jump with SPACE clearance. You change your viewing angle by dragging the mouse. Using the CANNON LAUNCH feature, you launch yourself upwards like cannonballs. You fly high into the air using the COLA JETPACK feature. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you move your character back and forth and left and right by dragging your finger on the control panel on the left side of the screen. By clicking the jump button on the right, you overcome the obstacles you encounter.

There are 3 different speed options: FAST, NORMAL and SLOW. You can follow the distance you have climbed from the vertical bar on the left of the screen. The summit, that is, the end point, is 709 m high. You have 3 lives in total. You can track the time you spend in the level, your remaining number of lives and your climbing distance at the top of the screen.

The platform you are advancing on consists of a construction area. You are trying to climb from the construction site towards the sky. Also, the platform is full of steps, obstacles and traps. You are trying to move forward without falling down. If your character falls down while moving on the platform, you will be burned and you will lose one life. You continue to climb back up from where you fell. If you lose a total of 3 lives, you start a new adventure from the beginning and continue playing the Real Parkour Simulator game. As you climb up, you earn prize money. You can buy clothes and armor for your character from the SKIN section by spending the money you earn.

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