Chrome Dino Run

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Chrome Dino Run
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Chrome Dino Run is a simple game that you can play in the Google Chrome browser even when your internet connection is interrupted. It is a game that the browser offers as a game even when the internet is disconnected.

The game has a very simple structure and gameplay:

1. Purpose of the Game:
Your goal is to overcome obstacles and survive as long as possible by controlling the T-Rex character.

2. Controls:
The game relies on just a few basic controls. You control a T-Rex character, which is not a flying bird. To make the T-Rex jump, you press the “Space” key. You can only jump to overcome obstacles.

3. Obstacles:
As the game progresses, T-Rex encounters various obstacles such as cacti and other obstacles. You should try to overcome these obstacles by jumping or bending.

4. Scoring:
The aim of the game is how long you can survive and how many obstacles you can pass. The game gets faster and more challenging as you progress.

Chrome Dino Run offers the opportunity to have a fun time with its simple controls and gameplay. When there is no internet connection, you can play this game in the Google Chrome browser and try to achieve high scores.

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