Whack Your Ex

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Whack Your Ex
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With the game Whack Your Ex Unblocked Have you ever seen how your ex-boyfriend and girlfriend communicate with each other? A game where you will learn it. They make fun of each other, want to show that they are more successful, and constantly bully each other. It’s true what they say, from love to hate there is only one step. We can even call it small steps. In the game Whack Your Ex, we will have the opportunity to observe the “cute” communication of an ex-couple. The boy will be on the left, the girl will be on the right. There will be some items under each character. You need to use each one in turn and you will encounter many surprises. For example, if you choose a shoe, you will see how a young man burns all the shoes of his ex-girlfriend in front of his eyes. But if the choice falls on a gift box, the spectacle will be very unexpected. In a word, choose the items and enjoy the showdown of two ex-lovers. Have fun!

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