Hotel Manager

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Hotel Manager
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By clicking the PLAY LOCAL button on the Hotel Manager Unblocked game menu page, you can play the game against the computer alone or with your friends for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 players. You can play the monopoly game against real people over the internet by clicking the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER button.

There are 36 different squares on the board. On these squares, there are cities from different parts of the world, taxi stands, airline companies, bus companies, stock market shares, card selection regions and the starting frames of the participants. In the upper left corner of the screen are the participants’ pawns and the amount of money remaining in each participant’s safe, and in the lower left corner are the dice. Each participant’s pawn color is different. Participants can choose their own pawn colors at the beginning. By clicking on the LOCATION button in the upper right corner, you go to the square where your pawn is located. By clicking the MAGNIFICANT button, you can fit the entire board on the screen.

Each participant starts the match with $900. You move your pawn clockwise according to the number that comes as a result of rolling the dice. If there is a city or company on the square where your pawn lands, you buy it by paying its value. The frame you take becomes yours. When your opponents come to your square, they pay you rent. If you match your opponents’ square, you pay rent. The more you rent, the more money you have in your safe. When you buy new places, replace your competitors or improve your places, the amount of money in your safe decreases. If you fall into the square you purchased before in the second round, you can improve your property and increase the rental price.

If you come across card selection squares, you can move forward or backward on the board, take money from your opponents and distribute money. The participant who runs out of money in his safe loses the match and leaves the table. You can experience fun and adventurous moments by eliminating all your opponents’ money one by one and winning the match.

In the Online Multiplayer option, you will see LOGIN, CREATE ACCOUNT and PLAY A GUEST options. By clicking the LOGIN button, you join an opened table by entering the password. In the CREATE ACCOUNT option, you open a table with a password and invite your friends. With the PLAY A GUEST option, you start the match by entering a table without a password.

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