Prison Life

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Prison Life
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With the Prison Life Unblocked game, you work as a guard by doing a different action every day. You distribute clothes and shoes to the prisoners who come to prison on the first day. Each prisoner’s body and shoe measurements are written on the wardrobe. On the shelves, clothes and shoes are arranged according to size. You complete the day by distributing clothes and shoes according to the prisoners’ sizes and sizes. On the second day, you bathe the prisoners with soapy water. You take a shower by moving the shower hose over the prisoners. On the third day, you take front and side photos of the prisoners. Then, you remove the ID cards from the computer using the resulting pictures. You write each prisoner’s ID number on their ID cards. On the fourth day, you do shooting training at the range.

On the fifth day, you stand guard in the tower. You are trying to catch three prisoners who escaped from prison. You determine the locations of escaped prisoners by fixing the lights you control on them. Prison security catches the identified prisoners and throws them back into the cell. On the sixth day, you have the prisoners mop their cells. On the last day of the week, you separate the prisoners according to their crimes. You will feel like a real prison guard while playing the Prison Life game. By doing a different job every day, you will gain extensive knowledge about being a corrections officer. We hope you have a fun and enjoyable time with this application, which is also available in mobile markets under the name Prison Life.

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