Crowd Run 3D

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Crowd Run 3D
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While playing Crowd Run 3D Unblocked, you drag your mouse or finger left and right on the screen. As you progress on the track, you will encounter spiked and sawed traps, cliffs and red enemy soldiers. Some of the traps are fixed and some are movable. Our goal is to reach the finish point at the end of the track by increasing the number of soldiers. Soldiers caught in traps and falling down gaps die and your number of soldiers decreases. When you fight with red enemy soldiers, your number of soldiers decreases as much as the number of enemy soldiers.

There are transition points such as X2, X3 and +30, +50 at certain points of the track. You can pass through these points and increase your number of soldiers. This way you can increase your chances of reaching the end of the track. You earn points as you complete the levels. You can buy clothes for your soldiers with these points. You can also continue playing the Crowd Run 3D game by using the jump ramps to jump over the spikes and gaps laid on the road.

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