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While playing the Murder Unblocked game, you raise the gun in your hand by clicking on the screen with your mouse or finger, or turn back and catch the traitors. The sultan who rules the country is walking down the corridor. You have to silently approach the sultan from behind and suddenly stab him and kill him. You carry out the dagger operation by clicking on the screen. As you click on the screen, the bar at the top gradually fills up. When the bar is completely filled, you perform the daggering operation. If you stop clicking when the bar is half full, the bar is reset and you start filling the bar slowly from the beginning. If the sultan turns around and catches you while the dagger is in the air, you are thrown into the cell and you die there. If you succeed in the daggering process, the sultan dies and you become the new sultan by wearing his crown and robe.

From now on, you will be the sultan walking down the corridor. You need to be careful against traitors who try to stab and stab you in the back. You have to turn around every now and then to check what’s behind you. You can also turn back by clicking on the screen. You throw every would-be murderer you catch into a cell, where they die. You must also catch the cook who tries to make you drink poisonous sherbet and throw him into the dungeon.

The sultan’s life expectancy appears at the top of the screen. Before this time expires, you complete the Murder game by going to the office at the end of the corridor and sitting on the throne. Thus, you remain in power for life and become the sole ruler of the country.

You earn points as you catch traitors trying to kill you while walking in the corridor. Using your points, you can create new characters from the SHOP section or buy new weapons from the WEAPON section.

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