Fireboy Watergirl 2

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Fireboy Watergirl 2
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Fireboy Watergirl 2 Unblocked game is an application with 2 characters, Fireboy (boy) and Watergirl (girl), just like the first game of the series.

You pass the boy through liquid-filled channels and the girl through lava channels.

You control the boy with the arrow keys and the girl with the “A, S, D, W” keys.

It consists of 4 main sections and different sections within each section. Our goal is to pass through the channels, collect the jewels on the way and reach the exit doors at the top of the platform.

Each game hero collects the jewels of his own color and goes to the exit door.

To get started, we first open the section selection page by clicking on “PLAY”. Then we choose the section we will play and start playing the Fireboy Watergirl 2 game. The time we spent in the department is written at the top of the screen.

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