Love Tester

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Love Tester
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It’s time to find out the truth in the Unblocked Love Tester game! You lose sleep and wonder the answer to the same thing over and over again! Okay, it’s time to stop worrying about one simple question: Do you want to be a twosome? In this game you can finally find the answer!

Love is an incredible feeling, but sometimes it can hurt. Your goal in this game is to see if two people are compatible as romantic partners. It can be difficult to deal with these emotions, but the controls of this game are quite simple. Click the play button in the main menu to start playing. On the game screen, you can see the name boxes on the left and the score table on the right. First write the names of two different people. These names may belong to you and your significant other or romantic interest. You can also try and find out how well your friend and a random classmate will score together. After typing the names, click on the big red button. Now check the right side of the screen. The bulbs will burn out for a few points before giving you the final result. Not satisfied with the result? You can always try again! Don’t worry if you don’t get the score you want! It’s just a game after all! The best way to find out about your crush’s feelings is to talk to them! Good luck!

Colorful 2D graphics
9 different romance scores
Addictive game
Simple controls
You can use your mouse to play this game.

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