Online Tetris

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Online Tetris
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Online Tetris Unblocked game is played by using the arrow keys or by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the game screen with the mouse. You can play the classic Tetris game on mobile phones or mobile tablets by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the screen. There are right, left, down and change buttons at the bottom of the screen. Every time you click the change button, the direction and shape of the incoming piece changes.

You earn 5 points every time you place the pieces. You earn 25 points for blasting a single line, 50 points for blasting 2 lines, 90 points for blasting 3 lines, and 140 points for blasting 4 lines. Again, 5 extra points are added to the score table for placing Tetris blocks in multiple explosions. Play the classic Tetris game by placing blocks side by side without leaving any space between them. Increase your score by constantly trying to reduce the blocks on the screen.

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