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Move towards the arena and grow to climb to the top of the leaderboard in the WormsArena.io Unblocked game! The world of worms is unforgiving and survival is a constant battle. Can you emerge victorious from this fight without a single scratch?

This arena isn’t big enough for so many worms, so let the strongest survive the longest! Your goal in this game is to make your worms as big as possible by eating pellets and avoiding other worms before time runs out. When you start the game, you can play using your mouse or keyboard. Your worm will move automatically. Move your cursor left and right to change directions, or you can also use the arrow keys. You can press the left mouse button or Spacebar to increase your speed. At the top of the screen you can see the remaining time, your kill score and your total score. Each pellet you eat will add one point to your score and a piece to your body. Be careful when walking around. Hitting other worms’ tails will kill you, but you can try tricking others into hitting you, too. Killed worms leave particles that anyone can eat. At the end of each round you will earn coins according to your score. You can use them to unlock new skins! How big can you grow before you run out of time?

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