Dice Push 3D

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Dice Push 3D
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There is a horizontal board in the middle of the Dice Push 3D Unblocked game screen, and there are teams on both sides of the board trying to knock each other off the platform. The teams are colored blue and red. You control the blue colored team. The red team represents the opposing team. There is a dice throwing mechanism at both ends of the track. You throw the dice towards the platform by dragging your mouse or finger on the screen. New soldiers appear as many as the number on the top of the dice, and they go to their teammates and help them. If the dice falls on the opponent’s side, the men who appear destroy the opposing team’s men by killing them. Thus, the number of men of the opposing team is reduced.

The course includes holes, circular areas marked X2, and fixed or mobile barriers. If the men of both teams come across gaps, they fall down and disappear. If the dice you throw falls down the gaps, you cannot remove a man. In this case, you are at a disadvantage against your opponent. If the dice lands on the place marked X2, the number of men appearing is twice the number on the dice. If it falls on the other circular area, the body of the men coming out is larger.

While playing the Dice Push 3D game, if you take the board to the farthest point of the opponent’s side and knock the opponent’s men down, you complete the level. You earn points as you complete the levels. You can increase the strength and starting numbers of your men by using the points you earn.

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