Parking Way

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Parking Way
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While playing the Parking Way Unblocked game, you draw a path on the screen with your mouse or finger. The car moves into place along the path you have drawn. To complete each level, you need to place the cars in their places and collect all the stars in the area. If even one star remains on the field, you cannot complete the level successfully.

In some sections there is one car and in some sections there is more than one car. In addition, there are barriers and fixed or mobile obstacles on the roads where cars will travel. If you hit other cars or obstacles or barriers while driving on the road, you will get burned. In this case, you have to start the same section again. If you manage to collect all the gold on the track and take the cars to their places without any accidents, you complete the level and continue playing the Parking Way game by moving on to the next level.

There are 3 different track options: desert, forest and beach. We wish you to use your intelligence skills and have a fun time on every track.

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