Chicken Wars Merge Guns

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Chicken Wars Merge Guns
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On the far left side of the Chicken Wars Merge Guns Unblocked game screen, there is a total of 10 squares of soldier production area in 6 rows and 2 columns. You place the soldiers you produce on the tree stumps next to it. There are protection shields on the front of the logs. On the right side of the trenches is the battlefield where the zombies come. With the points given at the beginning, you recruit soldiers and place them on the logs.

You earn points as you kill zombies coming towards the farm from the right side of the screen. There is a scale above the zombies showing their energy levels. When this scale is reset, zombies die.

At the bottom of the screen, there are SHOP, troop extraction, UPGRADE, durability and repair menu buttons. By clicking the SHOP button, you improve the fighting abilities of your soldiers. By clicking on the troop extraction button, you remove level 1 soldiers to the left side of the front. Soldiers are divided into levels according to their strength. When you combine two soldiers of the same level, you create a new soldier of the higher level. Thus, you attack the enemy with more powerful weapons that fire rapidly. You improve the features of weapons in the UPGRADE section. By clicking on the durability button, you increase the strength of the barriers in front of the trenches. Finally, you repair the damaged barriers by clicking the repair button. By using each of these features appropriately, you prevent your enemies from entering the farm while playing the Chicken Wars Merge Guns game. You can win the war by developing a different strategy in each level.

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