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While playing the Unblocked Worms.io zone game, you control the snake by dragging your mouse or finger on the screen. You accelerate the snake by clicking the right and left mouse button. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you control the snake from the control panel in the lower right corner of the screen. You accelerate the snake by clicking the button in the lower left corner. There is a ranking in the upper left corner. This ranking shows the 10 snakes with the highest scores.

There are 3 different options: Infinity, Time and Treasure hunter. In the infinity option, you need to increase your size by eating other snakes and foods in the square. In the time option, you try to survive without dying within the given time. In the Treasure Hunter option, you try to increase your size by collecting the jewels in the square. You need to move around the area without hitting other snakes’ bodies. You grow by eating the food found in the area and the leftovers from other snakes. As you grow, your weight increases and you move up the rankings. If you hit the traps or other snakes in the area, you die.

You can choose a new look, color and face for your character from the worm locker on the home page. Thus, you can continue playing the worms zone game by starting the next levels with the new character you created.

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