Bricky Fall

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Bricky Fall
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While playing Bricky Fall Unblocked, you control your character by clicking on the screen with your mouse or finger. Every time you click on the screen, you dig the pickaxe into the brick wall. You try to complete the course by descending from above to the ground without dying. The track is full of traps consisting of sledgehammers, knives, jump ramps and arrow-firing weapons. When you get caught in traps, you die and you respawn slightly above where you died and continue playing the game of going down. You need to complete the course by carefully examining the traps and making a controlled fall to the ground without getting caught. You earn points by collecting gold coins on the track. You can earn higher scores by sticking your pickaxe in the PRO zone on the rating chart at the bottom of the track.

In the following chapters, you will encounter rivals. In these sections, you need to avoid traps and reach the ground before your opponent. If your opponent completes the course and reaches the ground before you, you are burned again and have to start the same section over again. Thus, you can have a fun time by experiencing an adventure on a different track in each section.

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