Ice Fishing 3D

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Ice Fishing 3D
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While playing the Ice Fishing 3D Unblocked game, you first attach bait to the tip of your fishing rod according to the type of creature you will catch. From the bait panel on the screen, you attach the baits of sea bass, ruff and chebak fish to the end of the fishing line and release them down the hole. After attaching the bait, the bait panel disappears from the screen and is replaced by the image of two fishing reels. By clicking on the reel at the bottom, you send the hook towards the water. You can follow the depth level of the hook in meters from the indicator on the left side of the screen. By clicking on the reel picture above, you pull the hook above the water.

When you send the baited hook to the bottom of the water far enough, you try to catch the creatures by moving the fishing line up and down with your mouse or finger. When creatures are hooked, the CONNECT panel appears on the screen. At the same time, the fishing rod indicator appears at the top. When the needle on the indicator reaches the GREEN area, you fix the creature to the hook by clicking on the CONNECT text. If you click on the “Tie” button when the needle is outside the green area, the fish escapes. When the live hook is fixed, the reel winding panel appears on the screen. Trying to keep the green area within the rectangular area on the panel, you click on the CONNECT text and wind the spool. You can also follow the height of the captured creature in the water from the depth indicator on the left of the screen. You earn money when you lift the creature to the water and throw it on the ice.

You can see the amount of money in your safe at the top left of the screen. You leave your seat by clicking on the yellow stickman image in the upper right corner. You go to a new place and drill the ice and continue playing the Ice Fishing 3D game here. You can buy bait, fishing rod, digging iron and reel from the SHOP menu. From the location selection menu, you choose one of the lakes, seas or streams that host different species of creatures. You can create your second or third set by clicking the BAG button.

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