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5/5 - (1 vote) is a Minecraft-style multiplayer arcade game with many different game modes. Explore a huge 3D universe and unleash your imagination, take part in agility and skill tests against other players or challenge your opponents in third-person shooter mode. The graphic style and handling of the character is similar to Minecraft. You will also be able to build many objects with your crafting table in creative mode, just like in the original game.

Peaceful: This game mode is similar to Minecraft’s creative mode, but online. You develop together with other players on a huge map and can collect different resources to carry out constructions.

DoodleCube: Make structures with your blocks according to the suggested theme. Other players will vote on who best represents the theme object.

EvilTower: Climb to the top of a massive tower without any checkpoints. Thanks to your agility, move on the gray blocks and avoid the red blocks that will kill you and make you fall down from the tower. You will be able to earn gold and buy upgrades in the store. EvilTower takes the principle of Tower of Hell in Roblox.

BloxdHop: It is a parkour mode where you move on platforms and have to pass as many checkpoints as possible to get the best score.

CubeWarfare: Compete against other players in third-person shooter mode. Travel around the map and destroy your enemies using different weapons. You can also place blocks to protect yourself.

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