Blockfit Puzzler

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Blockfit Puzzler
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There are two different objects consisting of square pieces at the top and bottom of the Blockfit Puzzler Unblocked game screen. Your goal is to create a new square area by combining the objects on the top and bottom. The object at the top consists of square pieces. The square piece that you click on with your mouse or finger disappears. You need to destroy the excess square pieces on the upper object compared to the lower object. Then, you click on the downward OK sign on the right to lower the upper object downwards. Both objects create a new complete object by combining their missing parts, thus completing the level and moving on to the next section. If 2 square pieces appear on top of each other, the process is not completed and you have to start the process from the beginning. By clicking the REFRESH button on the left, you start the square piece process in the same section from the beginning. While playing the block completion game, you need to visualize both objects and then proceed to destroy the extra pieces. As a hint, if you eliminate the same square pieces at the bottom from the object above, you will reach the result in a shorter way.

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