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To start the Game, you first need to write a nickname in the box marked “Nick”. Then, you must choose which region you will play in by hovering over the box just below. The most logical choice here would be “Europe”. Right next to the region section, you specify whether you want to play individually or as a team. In the individual game option, you are on your own, but in the team game, each team is represented by a color group. After making your choice and making some special settings for yourself in the settings section if necessary, you can join the world of cells with the “Play” button. The gameplay is quite simple: You enter the game with a random color, the smallest cell size, and then you grow by “eating” stationary balls that are smaller than yours at first. Just use your mouse to move your cell. Wherever the mouse cursor looks, your cell will move in that direction. Once you reach a sufficient size, you will be able to eat smaller players (or rather cells) than you, but the bigger you get, the slower your movement speed will be.

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