Doll Factory

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Doll Factory
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While playing the Doll Factory Unblocked game, you shape the round dough on the track and dress it with clothes. As the round dough moves on the track, you control it by dragging your mouse or finger left and right on the screen. Doughs line up one after another and move on the track. First, you pass the round dough under the shaping machines and turn it into a little boy or girl. In the second stage, you color the shaped dough by passing it under dyeing machines of different shades. In the third stage, you take the boys and girls through the wardrobes and dress them. In the fourth stage, you place the designed children in the boxes and reach the market section. When you come to the market section, the girl in the aisle picks up the packages and places them on the shelves. Some children are offered for sale online over the internet. At the end of the sales, you take the money earned from the safe and go to the room at the back and stack the money on top of each other.

As you progress on the track, you will encounter fixed or moving traps. If the children you produce are caught in these traps, they will be damaged and will be out of production. In this way, you earn less money by reaching the end of the track with fewer designed children.

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