We Are Warriors

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We Are Warriors
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Your castle and soldiers are on the left side of the We Are Warriors Unblocked game screen, and the enemy castle and soldiers are on the right side. At the bottom of the screen, there are buttons for removing soldiers with different powers and features. You can recruit soldiers from here and build your army by using the money in your safe. You spend a different amount of money to take out each soldier. The amount of money in your safe and the size of the safe appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Next to it, the number of soldiers you have recruited and the maximum number of soldiers you can recruit appear. You can recruit a maximum of 20 soldiers in each battle. Additionally, by using the money in your safe, you can increase the speed of making money in the MINING SPEED section and the size of your safe in the CAPASITY section. You also earn money from the mines behind your castle.

First, you recruit soldiers and build your army using your money. Meanwhile, you must resist the enemy attacks coming in waves. The energy of the soldiers is visible on the indicator above you and the enemy soldiers. Soldiers whose energy is zero die and disappear. You can follow the strength of the enemy castle and the amount of enemy soldiers in the chart above. When creating your army, your soldiers are in a DEFENSE position. After creating your army, you take your position to OFFENSE and send your soldiers towards the enemy. You win the war by first destroying the enemy soldiers and then the enemy castle. Thus, you continue playing the We Are Warriors game by completing the level and moving on to the next section. In each new chapter, you have the right to recruit soldiers with new and different features. Thus, you can win wars more easily by recruiting soldiers who use archers and rifles. You can destroy enemy soldiers en masse by clicking the BOMB button on the screen. You can prevent enemies from approaching your castle by taking cover in front of your castle. You can experience moments full of adventure and excitement by developing a different strategy in each level and winning battles.

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