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When the WarNations.io Unblocked game screen opens, you choose one of the ASIA, EUROPEAN and AMERICA servers from the CHOOSE A SERVICE window that appears. You write a name in the ENTER NICK NAME window. There are 3 different difficulty levels. You can start playing the online War Nations io game by choosing the option you want according to the difficulty level from the SELECT ARENA window. 4 people start each section with you. Each person’s soil is a different color. Your country is shown in red on the map. GRAY areas on the map are neutral.

The numbers in the colored areas indicate the number of soldiers present. You start the attack process by dragging your mouse or finger from your own area to the enemy area you will attack. If the number of soldiers you sent is more than the soldiers in the enemy region, you capture that region and change its color to red. The area you occupy is immediately protected for 15 seconds. During this period, enemies cannot attack your area. The number of soldiers in each region increases automatically. Your enemies are also attacking by sending soldiers to your regions. You can strengthen your defense line by constantly keeping the number of soldiers in each region high. You win the war and complete the level by seizing first the neutral areas and then the enemy areas. As you win battles, you earn points. You can improve your soldiers in the SHOP and UPGRADE sections by using your points.

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