The Wolf Wild Animal Simulator

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The Wolf Wild Animal Simulator
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While playing The Wolf Wild Animal Simulator unblocked game, you direct your character by dragging the green ball on the control panel on the left side of the screen, left or right or up and down. You attack other animals by clicking the ATTACK button on the right. By clicking the POUNCE button, you claw other animals. You click on the GROWL button. By clicking the PICK button, you pick up the pieces of wood on the ground. By clicking the SPEED button, you increase the animal’s walking and running speed.

In the upper left corner of the screen, your remaining strength, your need to eat meat, and your energy appear. You attack and kill animals such as deer, camels and buffalos around you. You meet your meat needs by eating their meat. You earn money by killing animals and eating their meat. You also earn money by collecting gold coins around. You can follow the amount of money in your safe from the upper right corner. You develop your character by completing the tasks in the MAIN section using your money.

You can examine the land from the hat in the upper right corner of the screen. Red dots on the map show the locations and directions of animals around you. While playing The Wolf Wild Animal Simulator game, you try to complete the tasks by following the yellow arrow sign on the front of your character. Your character uses a cave to sleep and stay safe from other wild animals. This cave is your character’s home. You make the cave habitable by collecting herbs and wood pieces from the environment. Your character dies when your meat, strength and energy bars in the upper left corner are reset. For this reason, you should try to keep these scales full at all times. So you can continue to survive in the wild.

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