Storm The House

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Storm The House
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In the game Storm The House, there is a castle in the desert. The people in this castle love the castle administrators very much. In addition, world trade is also carried out in this castle. It is also very rich in terms of resources. The castle’s trade is increasing day by day. One of the men of the forty thieves in the movie Ali Baba is investigating this castle. He immediately goes to the forty thieves and tells them the events. This castle is the next target of the ruthless forty thieves who steal people’s resources wherever they go. Before dawn, forty thieves begin to attack this castle. The soldier on duty sees forty thieves and informs his commander. It immediately switches to castle defense mode. It is up to you to prevent the forty thieves from entering the castle. Don’t give them a chance. Shoot at them from your castle with your gun. Our aim in this beautiful adventure game is to prevent people who want to attack the castle. When one of the forty bandits approaches the castle, he begins to destroy it. To change your bullet in Storm The House Game, simply use the spacebar.

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