Skibidi Toilet

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Skibidi Toilet
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While playing the Skibidi toilet Unblocked game, you control your soldiers by dragging your mouse or finger on the screen. There are toilet bowls in the area that attack you. Toilets are coming towards you and trying to touch you. When toilet bowls touch you, your energy decreases. When your energy is zero, you die and in this case you burn. Thus, you have to start the same section again.

You earn money as you kill toilets. As you shoot at your enemies, their energy decreases. An energy scale appears above each soldier. You can also follow the amount of money you earn at the top of the screen. You strengthen your army by recruiting white soldiers. Each soldier has a power level and power levels are written on the soldiers. Two soldiers with the same power level combine to form a new soldier at a higher level.

You can track the number of levels you are in and the amount of enemy soldiers you need to kill to complete the level from the LEVEL bar at the top of the screen. As the POWER BOOST bar is filled, fast movement, armor, new weapons or rapid fire features appear. While playing the Skibidi toilet game, constantly collect soldiers in the square to strengthen your army and buy new weapons to kill your enemies more easily. In this way, you can experience adventurous moments by completing all the levels at once.

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