Sheep Sort Puzzle Sort Color

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Sheep Sort Puzzle Sort Color
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Sheep Sort Puzzle Sort Color Unblocked game is a cute puzzle game where you have to sort colorful sheep to graze them.

There is chaos on the farm because the sheep escaped from their cages. Now your help is needed to return them to the pasture in orderly groups.

How to play Sheep Sort Puzzle Sort Color game.

Your goal is to place all the sheep of the same color in a row. Once you achieve this, the sheep will run towards the pasture and make room on the playground.
You can only move sheep of the same color together and place them only in an empty space or in front of animals of the same color.
At higher levels, some sheep are locked in cages. To free them, you must first send the sheep with key symbols over their heads to the pasture.
Solve challenging logic puzzles and test your skills in two different game modes:

Find your way through an endless series of increasingly difficult levels in “Level” mode.
Or master a set number of increasingly difficult logic puzzles in “Challenge” mode.

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