Kakato Otoshi

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Kakato Otoshi
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Kakato Otoshi Unblocked game starts by pressing the “START GAME” button. There is a hammer on the back of the girl’s shoe that moves up and down. You hit the attractive heels by clicking on the “HIT” button in the lower left corner of the screen with your mouse or finger. The parts of the heel that you will destroy are in lines. If you hit the center of the attractive lines, that part disappears and the length of the shoe becomes slightly shorter. If you hit the hammer line, the heels do not disappear and the balance of the shoe is disrupted. When the girl’s balance is disrupted, she falls backwards and you get burned. You earn money as you pass the levels. When it burns, the money in your account decreases. The amount of money in your safe appears in the lower right corner of the screen.

The following sections; The girl’s shoe starts off unevenly. First correct the balance of the girl’s shoe and then complete the Kakato Otoshi game by shortening the length of the shoe piece by piece.

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