Darts King

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Darts King
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There is a target board at the top of the Darts King Unblocked game screen and 3 arrows at the bottom. You earn points by selecting arrows with your mouse or finger and throwing them towards the board. The board is divided into 20 equal parts. Each piece has numbers of different values written on it. Whichever number segment your arrow hits, you get that many points. There is a ring on the board that cuts the number slices. If the arrow you shoot gets stuck in the inner ring, you earn 3 times the value of the number, and if it gets stuck in the outer ring, you earn 2 times the number of points.

When you play Darts King Game, you are actually playing against the computer. At first, both athletes start the fight with 101 points. Each athlete tries to reduce the number value from 101 to 0 by shooting 3 arrows. Athletes are given 28 seconds to make 3 shots. When it is the other athlete’s turn, the time starts again from 28 seconds. When the athletes hit the arrows on the board, the number value on the scoreboard drops downwards. When the number value drops below 20, you need to hit the arrow on the marked area on the board. If the arrow hits another slice, the turn passes to the other athlete. The athlete whose score is exactly “0” becomes the winner of the match and wins money. You can buy new arrows and target boards using the money you earn.

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