Cut the Rope Time Travel

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Cut the Rope Time Travel
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Cut The Rope Time Travel Unblocked game is addictive and we are here with the new web version of the popular Cut The Rope game. In the first game of Cut The Rope, you tried to feed the cute frog that was addicted to diabetes. In the second version, our character travels through time and embarks on new adventures. Our character has only one purpose. Eating the candies tied to the ropes. In order to pass the levels, feed our green friends the candies attached to the ropes. In the second series of the game, not much has changed in Cut The Rope life. He’s still hungry and chasing sugar. This time, it is not so easy to reach those colorful candies. Start the game by dropping him from the flying balloon in this unexpected adventure of Cut The Rope. Cut the candies at the end of the rope to feed Cut The Rope. If you are successful, collect the candies on the road and let it run to new candies.

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