Bomb It 8

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Bomb It 8
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While playing Bomb It 8 Unblocked, you move your character using the arrow keys on computers. You can also drop bombs on the ground with the “SPACEBAR” spacebar. The bomb you drop explodes on its own after a few seconds, destroying walls and barriers in the area of effect and killing your enemies. If you are caught by the bomb you left, you lose one life. If you have no life left, you die and burn. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you move your character using the control panel on the right side of the screen. By clicking the button on the right, you drop a bomb on the ground.

There are 4 robots with you on the streets of the city. You move on to the next level by trapping and killing all the others one by one. There are walls and barriers on the streets. You open passageways for yourself by exploding walls and barriers. Some of the exploding walls provide features such as fast running, placing more bombs, protective armor and spare health. You can improve your character by acquiring these features before your opponents.

When you first start, you can first choose the character, the bomb from the BOMB section, the vehicle from the VEHICLE section, the location from the LOCATION section, the enemy type from the ENEMIES section, and the combat type such as gunfight, money collection, relay race from the MODE section.

Each episode lasts 2 minutes. You can track the remaining time, your remaining lives, and the features your character has on the left side of the screen. On the right side, you can examine the status of your enemies in the square. You can destroy your enemies and complete the level before the time runs out. You earn points as you kill your enemies. Using the points you earn, you can buy new features for your character and unlock new levels. Thus, you can continue playing the Bomb It 8 game by starting the next levels with a stronger character and destroying your enemies more easily.

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