Apple Shooter

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Apple Shooter
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Prove your bow and arrow skills to your know-it-all friend in the Apple Shooter Unblocked game. How dare he question your archery skills? One demonstration would of course be enough to change his mind. We need a target. Grab that apple! He must be the one carrying the apple on his head because he is a non-believer! His shaking knees make him regret it, but it’s too late! Grab your holster and keep your eyes on the big red apple. Take a deep breath and listen to the wind. As your arrow flies towards the target, cross your fingers and hope you’re aiming correctly. You don’t want to hit your friend…!

Have you ever tried using a bow and arrow? If you are curious, start playing this game immediately. Become an archer in Apple Shooter and try to shoot the apple leaning on your friend’s head. The most effective and impressive way to show off your archery skills! Gameplay is quite simple. Aim the broadcast using your mouse. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to adjust the power of your shot. If you miss the apple on your first try, you can try again. However, shooting your friend will cause you to lose the game. With each successful shot, the distance between you and your target will increase. Don’t pay attention to the frightened expression on your friend’s face. After all, he was the one who didn’t believe you. Try to make the perfect shot no matter the distance and prove yourself to your friend. I hope he lives to appreciate your skills and efforts.

Apple Shooter puts you in the shoes of a skilled archer with its fun gameplay and simple controls. At times you may miscalculate your aim and accidentally hit your friend. Or maybe you’re on par with William Tell and can hit the apple on your first try. We wish you good shooting!

Apple Shooter was developed by Wolf Games.

Release date
March 2008

Simple controls
Multiple archery tours
Beautiful animations
Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

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