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Unblocked Yohoho.io is a fun multiplayer io game where you become real pirates. Freebooters have always hunted for gold and you will be no exception. Are you ready for hot battles with enemies from all over the world? Then go ahead! At first, you will be presented with only one view, but this can be fixed. All you have to do is save more gold and buy a new skin. However, some heroes will only be available when moving to the next island.

Yohoho io How to play?
Enter your nickname and you will be transported to the sandy island where the royal battle is in full swing. First, try to collect as many Golden Doubloons as possible. They can simply lie on the map, hide in a chest, or remain after the death of other pirates. The more gold you collect, the bigger you become. Then the damage will increase and you can safely attack other players.

The more your opponent has, the more gold he will drop after defeat. But keep your eyes peeled, because even the greatest pirate can be killed by the smallest enemy. If two players’ weapons collide, the hit is blocked. To deliver a powerful blow, simply hold the button and then release it, aiming at the opponent. The danger on the island is not only from other pirates. The island is located in a poisonous area, and gradually the boundaries of the lesion will narrow. In the red zone, imminent death awaits you. So run away from him. The player remaining as the last survivor wins. Good luck! Here is the online game Yohoho.io, you can play it for free right now.

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