World’s Hardest Game

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World’s Hardest Game
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World’s Hardest Game Unblocked challenges you to the hardest challenge ever! Featuring several levels and fun graphics, this puzzle game will keep you glued to the screen for hours of fun! You can test your high attention and concentration skills while having lots of fun. Now get your fingers ready and discover how long you can survive in this crazy maze!

How confident are you in your abilities and intelligence to find your way out of this crazy maze? The space you enter is full of obstacles and difficulties. Gather your patience and courage because you will need them! What you will do in this fun puzzle and skill adventure is to reach the finish point by avoiding obstacles. You control the red square. Your goal is to collect the yellow circles and reach the big green area. You must use your arrow keys to control your character. Left and right arrows allow you to move forward and backward. Up and down arrows let you go up and down. As you progress in the game, the difficulty level will increase. Avoid all other shapes in other colors. If you fail because you hit an obstacle, you can restart your current level. Now good luck and have fun!

Stephen Critoph developed World’s Hardest Game.

Release date
December 21, 2021

2D color graphics
60 challenging levels
Keyboard controls and joystick
Fun and engaging game
Use up and down arrows to go up and down. Use left and right arrows to move left and right.

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