World War Fight For Freedom

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World War Fight For Freedom
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While playing the World War Fight For Freedom Unblocked game, you turn the barrel of the gun by dragging the mouse left and right on the screen on computers. You shoot by clicking the SPACE key. You fire missiles with the “F” key. By clicking on the 1, 2, 3, 4″ keys, you create helicopters, planes, soldiers, medical kits and ammunition. You turn on the binoculars by clicking the aiming button on the screen. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you turn the barrel of the gun by dragging your finger left and right on the screen. You fire by clicking on the bullet button. You throw missiles by clicking the bomb button. You can access additional features by clicking on the buttons for planes, helicopters, soldiers, ammunition chests and health kits.

Your remaining power is displayed in the bar at the bottom. Enemy soldiers are trying to kill you by coming towards you and shooting. When enemy bullets hit you, your energy decreases. When your energy is zero, you die. Try to shoot at the soldiers approaching you with the gun in your hand and kill them all.

In each level, enemy soldiers come at you in 3 waves. The indicator in the upper left corner of the screen shows your level number, the number of remaining enemy soldiers, the round and the time you spent in the section. When you destroy all enemy soldiers, helicopters and armored vehicles, you complete the level and continue playing the World War Fight For Freedom game by moving on to the next level. You earn points as you complete the levels. You can improve your weapon or buy new weapons in the WEAPON section by using the points you earn.

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