Word Connect

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Word Connect
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There are letters at the bottom of the Word Connect Unblocked game screen and word boxes at the top. Word boxes are placed on the screen horizontally and vertically. Additionally, the boxes are arranged interlockingly. In other words, the letter used in one word is also used in another word. You try to complete the word by selecting letters in order with your mouse or finger.

The created words are automatically placed in the relevant boxes. When all the boxes are filled, you complete the section and move on to the next section. There are hint buttons on the side of the letters. When you click on the EL button, you can open the letter in the box you selected. By clicking on the BULB button, you can open any one of the closed boxes. You can also open a closed word by clicking on the ELECTRICITY button. Play Word Connect game by finding the words in all sections one by one and completing the sections.

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