Whack Your Boss

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Whack Your Boss
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Unblocked Whack your Boss The challenge of the game is to find 16 ways to hit your boss. Click on objects in the office to use the item as a weapon and do crazy things with it. This is a virtual place to blast your boss. Have fun with this great game! How to play? Torture your boss by using the mouse to select items in the room. Are you angry with your boss? So annoying and obnoxious? OK! Blast your boss and torture your boss. Blast Your Boss in Kizi! You are an employee, you always do your job well, but your boss is still unsatisfactory? You really want to kill him but the law doesn’t actually allow you? What should you do? Don’t worry! This chance is for you – shoot the boss in the game Kiz – an attractive action game here. This game is designed with simple graphics but attractive gameplay that will bring players many interesting experiences in life. However, since this game is quite violent, you should think carefully before playing this game. Haha! Kill your boss by any means and recover your anger with the game online kizi now! To play this game, you can do anything you want without following the law. Just click on any object in the room and torture your boss in any way you want. Punch, beat, hit, tear, or even shoot to death? All of them will make you feel more comfortable and happy. Specifically, you won’t be bored because there are 24 ways to torture your boss in the room. After torturing your boss, the purifier clears the blood and you can work normally without anyone knowing what happened. Thus, you can torture your boss in the most cruel way and relieve your anger. Remember, this is just a game and it doesn’t affect your real life.

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