War Robots Merge

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War Robots Merge
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While playing the War Robots Merge Unblocked game, you control your character by dragging your mouse or finger on the screen. As the episode starts, your opponents are loaded on the MATCHING page. There are small pieces of wheels, armor and weapons in the conflict area. By moving your character in the field, you collect these parts and upgrade your character’s features. You try to reduce the energy of the enemies you encounter by shooting them. The remaining energy of each character is displayed on the bar above them. The character whose energy is reset dies and disappears from the screen.

As you kill your opponents, you earn points. The RANKING section on the screen is the scoreboard. You can also see the number of characters in the square from the ENEMIES section. You earn points as you kill your opponents and complete the levels. By using your points, you increase your character’s attack, running and armor features. Thus, you continue playing the War Robots Merge game, starting the next levels with a stronger character.

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