War of Sticks

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War of Sticks
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War of Sticks Unblocked is a strategy game in which you will try to defeat the enemy forces by harmoniously managing the economy and army power of your own stickman kingdom. When the game is installed, you must first select the difficulty level of the game. If you are playing for the first time, we recommend that you start playing at normal level. If you consider yourself a real game master, you can start playing at impossible levels. As for how to play, your main goal is to conquer enemy lands by producing your own stickman army. Of course, if you want a strong army, you should produce garbage men, that is, miners who can produce stone and gold. You can train warriors, archers and other soldiers with the gold mined by stickman workers. You can follow different strategies to maintain the balance between the economy and the army. It also matters what type of army you train. For example, while part of your army consists of warriors, you can train archers behind it. This way, you can conquer your opponents’ lands more easily.

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