War Master

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War Master
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While playing the War Master Unblocked game, you defend and attack by directing the general at the head of the soldiers with your mouse or finger. You earn points by collecting the dog tags of soldiers who died on the battlefield on your back. Using the dog tags you collect, you build troop extraction houses, produce weapons, and launch tanks and aircraft. There are areas where you can place your dog tags next to the military landing houses and weapon production centers. The maximum number of tags you can place appears in these fields. As you put the tags in these fields, the number values decrease.

Soldiers coming out of the military landing house are lined up in the square. You attack by going to the area in front of the soldiers and clicking on the ATTACK button on the screen. At first, you can line up 10 soldiers in this area at the same time. You can increase the number of soldiers by placing a tag in the area on the left. You can open the blue boxes that come out of the air with a parachute and get extra tags.

The soldiers in your army are blue, and the enemy soldiers are red. The number of tags you have collected appears in the upper right corner of the screen. You complete the level when you kill all the enemy soldiers on the battlefield and change the flag on the pole. In the following levels, you also need to destroy enemy tanks, planes, ships and missile systems. Thus, in the following sections, you can make more strategic decisions and moves and find yourself in a real war by playing the War Master game.

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