Vex 8

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Vex 8
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The Vex 8 Unblocked game has arrived, get ready to embrace the diverse challenges and new mechanics of the newest entry in the popular series! Jump, run, climb and roll to avoid traps, obstacles and more! Are you ready to conquer actions and complete missions?

Our super athletic and talented Stickman is ready to hit the road! Your goal in this game is similar to other games in the series. The levels in this game are called ACT and each act has its own design. You must reach the final portal in each of these ACTs via dangerous platforms. Use WASD or arrow keys to move. There are checkpoints in each level. Be sure to enable these as you may spawn there after you die. Collect as many coins as possible! You can use them to unlock new skins that will spice up your gameplay! There are dozens of skins to unlock! You have optional objectives in each level. Completing these will reward you with trophies and more! In addition to regular ACTs, Vex 8 also offers endless modes. In this mode you should try your best to go as far as possible. As you progress, you earn points. How many ACTs can you complete in this game? We hope you have fun.

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