vex 7

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vex 7
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While playing the Vex 7 Unblocked game, you use the “A, S, W, D” and arrow keys on computers, and the right, left, forward and tilt and jump buttons on the screen on mobile phones and mobile tablets. The route you will follow on the platform is shown to you with blue arrows. You climb up the high walls by jumping diagonally.

There are fixed or mobile nail and saw traps on the platform. The color of the traps is red. If the stickman you control gets caught in these traps, he dies. As you progress on the track, you will encounter large red boxes. You pass the section by climbing on these boxes and clicking the bending button. There are red flag points in certain parts of the track. When you reach the red flag, the color of the flag changes to green. At this moment, the word START appears on the screen. If you die after this stage, you can continue playing the vex 7 game by spawning from the green flag area you last passed.

You earn points by collecting the yellow bonuses on the track. Using your points, you can buy features such as SKIN and clothes for your character from the APPEARANCES menu. You reach the top point of the track and move to the next section by flying to the green area with the platformer.

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