Upgrade Your Weapon Shooter

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Upgrade Your Weapon Shooter
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While playing the Upgrade Your Weapon Shooter Unblocked game, you shoot by clicking on the screen with your mouse or finger. You will encounter dinosaurs, creatures and gigantic giants. These creatures are coming towards you and trying to kill you. You complete the stages by shooting at the creatures with a scanning rifle and killing them all. There is a scale on the creatures showing their energy amounts. As you shoot, the creatures’ energy decreases. Dinosaurs, creatures or giants whose energy is reset die.

You earn money for every enemy that dies. The amount of money you earn appears in the upper left corner of the screen. You can also follow the number of sections you are in from the LEVEL section. By clicking the REPAIR KEY button on the screen, you open the menu of getting new features for your rifle. From here, you buy and upgrade the muzzle, stock, magazine and scope for your rifle. Thus, you can continue playing Upgrade Your Weapon Shooter by making more accurate shots in the following levels. You confirm the completed tasks from the TASK menu. You can also buy hanging ornaments for your rifle from the SHOP section.

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