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Tzared is an incredible multiplayer RTS game with great gameplay and progression. You can choose from three races, each with their own style and units. European, Asian or Arab.

You should start with just a small settlement and workers. From here you must collect resources, build new structures and build a powerful army! Then you can try to conquer the land and the lands of your enemies.

Enjoy Tzared, a great game with high quality and excellent graphics, inspired by the classic game series Age of Empires. The aim of the game is to destroy every enemy or city that comes your way in a small war, while slowly building and developing a great civilization thanks to your hard work and perseverance. Promote farming among farmers to obtain food, help them collect raw materials such as wood, coal or some metals, build buildings little by little and produce more soldiers to protect your land from dangerous enemy attacks! Make your rivals escape your relentless fury and strive to become the lord of the most prosperous and durable kingdom in the world.

Single and multiplayer game mode
Customizable game settings
Smooth animations
Full screen mode available
to control
Use left mouse button to interact
Use arrow keys to move the camera view
Use mouse movement to zoom in/out

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