Train Drift

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Train Drift
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While playing the Train Drift Unblocked game, you lean the vehicle left and right when it comes to bends by clicking the “A, D” and right-left arrow keys on the computers. If you keep clicking for a long time, your vehicle changes tracks. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you perform the same operations by clicking on the right and left side of the screen with your finger.

There is a line consisting of 3 lane rails. You change rails by leaning your vehicle left and right. When changing rails, first the front wheel of your vehicle switches to the other rail after a certain period of time, and then the rear wheel switches to the other rail. As you move on the rails, you may encounter concrete walls or other vehicles coming from the opposite direction. Concrete walls indicate the end of your line. You avoid having an accident by changing the rails before reaching these concrete walls or approaching the vehicle coming from the opposite side. Additionally, weather conditions also affect you. Strong winds and storms disrupt the balance of your vehicle and cause it to overturn. In windy weather, you need to lean your vehicle against the wind and continue your journey. By following the signs on the right and left of the rails, you can learn about concrete walls, vehicles coming from the opposite direction and weather conditions in advance. If you have an accident, you have to start the same section over again. When you reach the finish point at the end of the track, you complete the section and move on to the next section. You can follow the number of levels you are in from the LEVEL section at the top of the screen and the amount of money in your safe from the upper right corner.

While playing the Train Drift game, you earn money by collecting gold coins in the air. You can buy faster, heavier and controllable vehicles from the SHOP section using the money you earn.

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