Toy Army Tower Merge Defense

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Toy Army Tower Merge Defense
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In the Toy Army Tower Merge Defense Unblocked game, your country is at the bottom of the screen and the enemy country is at the top. There is a pathway between both countries. At the bottom of your tower, there is a 12-square area where you can remove sword-wielding and arrow-shooting soldiers. You build troop extraction houses by clicking the SWORD and ARROW buttons at the bottom. Each house is located in a separate house. Recruitment houses are divided into levels according to their strength. You combine two troop landing houses of the same power in the same square and build a new troop landing house on the next level.

Soldiers coming out of the houses use the path to attack enemy territory. Likewise, enemy soldiers are also attacking you. Soldiers who meet on the road fight and try to kill each other. You earn money for every enemy soldier you kill. You can track the amount of money in your safe at the top of the screen and the number of levels you are in in the LEVEL section. You can build new troop landing houses using your money.

You must kill the soldiers and try to enter the enemy castle. When you capture the enemy building, you can complete the level and move on to the next level. Likewise, if enemy soldiers enter your territory, you lose the war. When you move to the new level, you can use the troop landing houses you have previously built.

You can buy new countries from the SHOP section by using your money during level transitions. While playing the Toy Army Tower Merge game, you need to develop different tactics and strategies to capture the enemy territory in each level. While spending time in this application, you can have fun and adventurous moments by using your intelligence and combat skills.

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