Tankie Snaker Attack

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Tankie Snaker Attack
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While playing the Tankie Snaker Attack Unblocked game, you advance your army in enemy territory by dragging your mouse or finger left and right on the screen. The course consists of enemy towers, battleships and fixed or mobile traps. When you approach the enemy towers, your armored vehicles open fire towards the towers. At the same time, the towers are firing at your armored vehicles. Power amounts are written in numbers on the towers. As you fire, the power of the towers decreases. When the power of the towers is reset, enemy towers are destroyed and armored vehicles appear in their place. You strengthen your army by purchasing these armored vehicles. The newly joined armored vehicles in your army line up at the back, looking like a snake.

If you get caught in fixed or moving traps on the track, you will be burned. In this case, you have to start the same section again. When you destroy all the enemy towers and reach the end of the track, their armored vehicles are lined up in the conflict zone. In this way, you destroy the enemy army by engaging in mutual conflict with it. You earn points as you destroy enemy battleships and complete the levels. You can improve the speed and power of your armored vehicle in the UPGRADE section by using your points. Thus, you can continue playing the Tankie Snaker Attack game by starting the next levels with stronger armors.

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