Table Tennis World Tour

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Table Tennis World Tour
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Play Table Tennis World Tour unblocked in different countries of the world. Choose your team by clicking on one of the 40 different countries on the menu page. Play table tennis by participating in tournaments held in 10 different countries of the world. You face 6 opponents in each tournament. Take the cup to your country by beating all the rival tennis players.

The athlete who scores 11 points in each ping-pong match wins the match. You change the scoreboard that appears at the top of the screen by trying not to score points to your opponent. Deceive the opponent by making curved and pulling shots with your racket and prevent him from receiving the ball. Likewise, respond to the balls thrown by the opponent’s racket player. Score points more easily by trying to throw the ball to the right or left corners of the table. Get the chance to participate in tournaments held in other countries by eliminating 6 racket players in the same way.

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