Sword Life

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Sword Life
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Sword Life Unblocked game consists of 3 stages: digging for raw materials, melting the raw materials in the boiler and pouring them into molds, and selling. On computers, you can move the master by dragging the mouse on the screen or by using “W, A, S, D” and arrow keys. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you perform the same operation by dragging your finger.

At the bottom of the shop, there are raw materials for casting. You dig the raw material with the digging tools in the hands of the master and carry it to the boiler. You melt the raw material in the cauldron standing on the fire. You pour the melted material into the molds in the pan of the boiler and cool it. You manufacture war tools such as knives, swords, axes and spears in molds. You carry the war tools you produce to the shelves. Customers who come to the store take the products from the shelves and pay at the cash register. You can follow the amount of money in your safe from the upper right corner of the screen.

By using your money, you can hire cashiers and assistants and increase your number of staff. You can place new shelves or increase the capacity of the shelves. You can increase the digging speed and power and raw material carrying capacity of the digging element. Thus, you can earn more money by producing more materials in a shorter time while playing the Sword Life game.

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